Witch Queen: Magick is Remembering

I am regularly asked what books I recommend for witches who have taken the turn at the Crossroads and begun walking the path of magick. It’s a pretty normal question. Such is the nature of learning, and books are an acceptable method… for everything but the Craft. In the Craft, remembering magick is how we learn.

When I began practicing over three decades ago, books on the subject were harder to come by, and I still read anything I could get my hands on (ah, fond memories of Uncle Bucky’s Big Blue Book). The wide and wonderful world of magick had opened up before me… herbs, planetary movements, spell craft, sacred drama, mythology, superstition, energy. I collected Tables of Correspondence like other young women my age collected shoes.

All that knowledge has served me well, but for a long time, it didn’t. It became far too easy to rely on books and “head knowledge” to the detriment of my intuition and “heart knowing”. For many years, I was my own stumbling block, attacking every magickal situation logically instead of feeling my way through it and trusting my natural psychic abilities. I eventually grew out of it, partially because I began to realize I had a deeper well of understanding already inside me.

By all means, read and soak up the deliciousness of discovering this beautiful way of life. But I encourage you to set the books down and spend as much time practicing as studying. Your soul knows this path already, knows it by feel, knows it because you heard it calling to you. There’s less for you to learn and more for you to remember.

Remember how to be a child again.
Remember how to see the unseen.
Remember how to recognize the stars.
Remember how to move in the woods.
Remember how to let the ocean cleanse you.
Remember how to remember your dreams.
Remember how to love fiercely.
Remember how to trust yourself.
Remember how to breathe.
Remember Magick.

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