Throughout 2019 and 2020, I was blessed to be able to host the Method and Muse podcast for Writers-in-Process with my co-hosts Paul Cagle, Becky Bumgardner, and Lance Bumgardner. Our tagline was simple, yet so very relevant:

Find Your Method

Follow Your Muse

Writing is a craft. Every writer learns by doing, discovering the methods that bring out their best work and nurturing a relationship with the creative spark (or Muse). Part of the joy of doing Method and Muse was sharing our tips and tricks and all the ups-and-downs that are part of a writer’s life.

For two years and 72 episodes, we broke down the writing craft in informative, inspirational, and often completely inappropriate ways (we do have a NSFW rating that, I’ll admit, is mostly the fault of me and my mouth). But the thing that we heard. most from our fans is how REAL we were. How down-to-earth. And what good advice we gave that really helped them on their own writing journey.

I’ve included the Spreaker player for Method And Muse here. Below the player, you will find a list of all 72 episodes and a short description of the main topic for each one. See something you want to know more about? Note the number of the episode and scroll back up to the player to listen right here on my site. Or click on the link and listen directly from Spreaker. The podcast is also available on iTunes.

I truly hope you enjoy all the tips and tricks, hilarity, and hard work we put into the show. 56 Hours of content just for writers! Please subscribe to my newsletter for news about my upcoming podcasts and other voice projects…for writers and readers alike.

Good luck on your own writing journey!



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